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System Thinking on a National Level

The team will articulate health care issues including addictions. Additionally, the value of health care which is a national issue at all levels for everyone in communities around the world. Countless individuals are affected by the lack of health care insurance. The cost of medical services is exceptionally high and the means are more times than not unapproachable or hard to get. The guidelines that are set up to determine the health care coverage for an individual many times does more harm than good. This is for the reason that many individuals do not qualify because of the policies that are developed. If the patient is diagnosed with more than one condition he or she may not get the proper help that he or she needs. Updating the health care system will significantly better the quality and structure of the health care system. Every individual has the right to a high quality health care system regardless of his or her economic level. It is to the benefit of everyone to reduce the cost of health care including health care procedures, medications, and treatment plans. The health care system needs to be reevaluated so that the medical professionals, the patients, the stockholders, and the medical supply companies.


The multiple factors that pressure the healthy diets and activities of Americans are overwhelming. While some of the factors are positive and help people choose the best option to have a healthy result, there are other factors that will impact a person?s health in a negative manner. Some of the factors are barriers to a patient?s health and can turn into chronic conditions that can lead to disease. Weight, being a measurable factor in the efforts of health, diet, and physical activity can be a determining factor in the outcome of a patient?s decision to make the change to work towards a healthy lifestyle. The many weight loss programs available to citizens help motivate and encourage an ideal size or weight. The Gastroenterology clinic where I am employed offers a weight loss program that is scientific driven and medically focused to ensure that patients are still healthy but are losing weight.

While health care and lifestyle choices can help influence a positive outcome for a patient, there are other negative factors that may impact the patient?s health. While some of these factors are controllable, which include diet, physical activity, and health care services; there are some factors that are not under our control. For example, the cost of weight loss and being healthy, genetic disorders, and chronic conditions which are the result of poor lifestyle habits. Another influencer that impacts a healthy lifestyle includes society and the media. While most adults can bypass and overlook these ads, young adults and children that are influenced by these marketing strategies and may make the wrong choice that could impact his/her health.

Inflows/Outflows –

Obesity and Addiction Feedback Loops

We learn from Feedback loops in so many areas of everyday life. To succeed is in believing and visualizing the evaluation of progress. Human-kind craves information as proactive, aspiring organisms and feedback motivates those aspirations. Feedback loops are just enough encouragement

to get our brains busy at the prospect for change. It is beneficial for the infrastructure to be visible prior to them disappearing altogether into the environment, as they are a subtle reminder of the changes we must make to take advantage of the tools that surrounds us all (Goetz, 2011). The satisfaction received is accomplishing weight-loss or any addiction, while on the mission to sew feedback loops into the cloth one day at a time, with the goal of eliminating unhealthy food consumption and any unhealthy and potentially deadly addiction.

The production and dissemination of a population’s health have long been considered a complex and evolving process. Complexity arises as a result of continually evolving human and system behavior that over time magnifies the effects with positive feedback loops or dampens the effects with negative feedback loops over time resulting in a high degree of sensitivity to weight gain. Research on eating disorders and obesity has examined the feedback loops complex systems between behavioral and environmental causes to fully understand population health problems that make complex systems science methods suitable and appropriate. As stated by Meadows (2008), ?The beauty of systems is that they work well? (p. 75). The feedback loops phenomena and the interaction of causes at different levels of a system such as; cellular, individual, social, and structural systems can be represented in complex systems models.Complex systems modeling can aid in the identification of system components inadvancing human health isintegrative population health science. Obesity epidemicsare a result of complex causal mechanisms that are multifactorial, multi-sectoral, and multilevel (Huang, Drewnowski, Kumanyika, & Glass, 2009).

Feedback loops are beneficial as a visible infrastructure because they activate our brains for motivation to change for the prospect of positive behavioral patterns. Feedback loops are capable of reminding us that we are surrounded with the subtle tools for a healthier lifestyle (Goetz, 2011).

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