Obesity A Public Health Challenge in United States

Topic: Obesity: A Public Health Challenge in United States

Do a literature search, as needed, for additional information on this issue.

In your paper, address the following:

  • Describe the current reality.
  • What is unacceptable in this situation?
  • What is your public health vision for the situation? What are the outcome goals?
  • What are the barriers and facilitators of change? Make sure you consider the people, the personalities involved, as well as the organizational structure/culture.
  • How do you foster the change process?
  • Create a logic model for this situation.

No Plaigarism, APA th eds, Proper in-text citation. Pls use suheading for each question above.

  • Avoid complex, long sentences. Also, avoid short choppy sentences. Be clear.
  • Watch verb tense, present active voice, and plural/singular forms of words.
  • Do not use first person in formal writing: First person is not as formal nor professional in my opinion. So no ?I, me, my, our, we?.
  • Try to not start sentences with ?This? or ?It? but be more specific so the reader knows to what you are referring.
  • Avoid words such as really,
    good, very, a lot, so (makes the sentence weak)

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