No Plagiarism, APA format, Nursing leadership interview- Self assessment, Must be in the U.S, follow grading rubric

Face to Face Nurse Leader Interview – Conduct a face to face interview with a nurse leader (above the
Charge Nurse level ? Examples include CNO, CNS, Nurse Educator, QI/UR/Infection Control Nurse) to
analyze the decision making style and process for the best option(s) to problem solving.

Scan the Northouse text. You will note Chapters 2 through 16 explore multiple approaches to the
study of leadership. Each chapter represents a leadership theory. Identify three theories of leadership
from these chapters and complete the questionnaire at the end of your selected chapters. Develop
your formal paper by using the elements of the Leadership Self-Assessment Outline as the headings
for your paper (see grading rubric). The content within each of the headings should address all of the
elements outlined in each section. The paper should be three pages in length, excluding the cover

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