Need scholarly in text references (min of 2). Question 1 Post a description of the care needed for t


Need scholarly in text references (min of 2). 

Question 1

Post a description of the care needed for the illness you selected (stage 4 colon cancer). Explain the nature of caregiver burden experienced by caregivers of patients with this illness. 

Describe illness-related factors (e.g., access to care, illness complexity, chronicity, outcomes) that might contribute to caregiver burden. 

Explain specific interventions that you as a medical social worker might implement to relieve caregiver burden. 

Identify at least three resources in your local area (county or state) that you might use to address caregiver burden for the chosen illness. 

Explain how these resources might adequately address caregiver burden.

Question 2

Consider your own culture and how caregiving is perceived and enacted within your community. 

· Describe caregiver roles and responsibilities within your family or community. Identify how  age, gender, marital status, or other identity characteristic determines who performs what type of caregiving role.

Explain how  cultural factors or traits might contribute to or alleviate caregiver      burden, as well as affect caregiver well-being and quality of life. Provide specific examples to justify your response.

Explain culturally appropriate interventions you might implement to relieve      caregiver burden for someone who belongs to this cultural group.

Explain the importance of culturally sensitive interventions for alleviating caregiver burden. Identity specific steps a social worker can take to advocate for      this group.

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