Need help with revising and editing of research paper.

I have the research paper and the suggested corrections from my instructor. I need you to fix this paper for me and add about 500-750 words. The paper is about government regulations and the effect that they have on small business. The references must be peer reviewed scholarly sources. I will compensate very well for this help. More information will follow during chat.

Requirements of the Paper

  • Your paper should be at least 1,800-2,400 words long (this can range anywhere between 6-8 pages or more).
  • The paper should have at least eight (8) cited resources within the paper. At least four (4) of these resources must be peer-reviewed (i.e. scholarly) library resources.
  • Your paper must combine information from two different disciplines ? preferably disciplines you?ve taken at least one class in during your college career.
  • Your paper must be in APA format, using the 6th edition of the APA Publication Style Guide.
  • All information drawn from external sources must be cited properly, both within the text of your essay and in a references page.

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