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This assignment focuses on contemporary issues in civil engineering as a double homework grade you are to identify ten contemporary issues in civil engineering. Please see the list below of contemporary issues topics for an introduction to possible broad topics for consideration. Typically, these issues may have some controversy associated with them where the profession may be undecided on a stance or the public may not be convinced that the recommended policy from an engineering perspective is correct. There is no strict requirement on how you select these issues; however, their quality will be graded. You can identify and describe these issues based on personal experience, previous classes, interviews with other engineers or newspaper or professional articles. Your discussion of the issues impact on civil engineering and the public plus any supporting documentation will be submitted as the first part of the assignment.

Air Quality

Bridge Maintenance


Coastal Flooding (levees)

Concrete and other engineering materials

Construction Safety

Emerging Structural Concerns

Eminent Domain


Environmental Regulation/Needs vs. Development and Economy

Environmental/Social Justice

Flood Mitigation/Floodplain Management


Global Warming/Climate Change

Green Buildings

Health Monitoring

Infrastructure Management

Low Impact Development

Maintaining Deteriorating Infrastructure

Political Impacts

Professional Issues

Public Finance and Declining Public Budgets

Regional, national and global economies

Recycled Materials

Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Solid Waste and Legacy Landfills

Stream Restoration

Sustainable Development

Tolls and Roadway Pricing vs. Gas Taxes

Traffic Congestion

Transportation Safety

Water supply/wastewater treatment and reuse


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