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As a Healthcare Administrator or Intake Coordinator, you will often have to review records and make recommendations on placement for the patients living arrangements and care. The details can be overwhelming for the family and there is often a number of unanswered questions.

For this assignment, you will be in a CCRC (continuing care retirement community) setting. You will select 3 of the case studies below and complete the attached Assessment form based on the case study. For ONE of the selected cases, you will provide a guided decision-making process and rationale for your choices and decision. You may need to do some additional research if you see any medical terminology that you are not familiar.

You have TWO options for completing this assignment and selecting case studies.

Option 1:

Case Study Options: (Click link to open case study. These are case studies that are developed but are not fully formed ? they may require some outside research for new terminology).

  • Smith: Growing NeedsPreview the document
  • Mary: Depression and AnxietyPreview the document
  • Patient X: PTSDPreview the document

Option 2:

Case Study Concept needing development: These are concepts that will require you to develop many of the details to fully complete the intake form.

  • 96-year-old female with tracheotomy, not ambulatory.
  • 45-year-old male needing assistance after 30 days in hospital following a compound hip fracture.
  • 75-year-old female, no family close by, has had recent wandering issues, forgetful.
  • 55-year-old female, early onset Alzheimer?s.
  • 78-year-old female, anger issues, removed from 2 previous facilities.
  • 24-year-old male, recovering from amputated arm.
  • 79-year-old female, memory issues; with 81-year-old husband, generally healthy.
  • 101-year-old female, recently living alone with her 80-year-old daughter.

Intake Assessment Form (Please Download Intake Form )

Note: some information is excluded, similar to the lack of full details we are often presented with; when this is the case you may infer to reach a decision. If you do add details please note this within the recommendation area.


  1. Download the intake form. You will need to complete THREE forms.
  2. Select Option 1 or Option 2 for your cases (note option one has three more detailed cases Option 2 has cases that you will need to develop. Your instructor will assist you in deciding which is the best option.
  3. Complete the Intake form for each case.
  4. Make a SETTING RECOMMENDATION for all three cases
  5. Select ONE of the case and in the RECOMMENDATIONS section at the bottom of the page EXPLAIN and support your process using information from the case (Ex: If you say ?yes? for weight loss, explain what led you to select yes.

After completing the intake forms, be prepared to present the ONE case where you expanded your explanation to the class and we will discuss.


  • Your paper should be thorough, well-conceived college-level responses that are grammatically correct.
  • Justify your responses with facts and details from your research and reading.
  • Include an APA-formatted reference page and in-text citations.
  • Create your assignment in a Microsoft Word document and submit your file using the Upload Instructions below. Remember to proofread your work before you submit it. Title your file name as, LastName_Unit4_Assignment.docx.

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