Need an argumentative essay on Inequalities and Incentives in the Nigerian Education System. Needs..

Need an argumentative essay on Inequalities and Incentives in the Nigerian Education System. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.From the report it is clear that education promotes equality of opportunity, citizenship, social inclusion and economic development. For this reasons, education equality should be encouraged. Several variables are attributed to the outcomes of unequal educational. Such variables include origin of the family, gender, social class, and earnings, achievements made in life, health status and political participation. An education incentive refers to a program or formal scheme used to promote and encourage teachers and students to produce better results and the best out of education. An incentive program aims at giving or producing better and the best results out of something. Implementation of good education incentive program improves the learning performance and tries to eradicate education inequalities.This research declares that& third world countries, research methodology is based on the differentiation of initial idea to get to a strong hypothesis and this technique is being used from decades, although, research in such countries exclusively lack empirical analysis of the basic idea due to lack of practical resources.&nbsp.Research methodology being followed in developing and developed nations have independent research protocols which mainly include educational infrastructure of a country, employee-employer relationship based on educational standards and least differentiated class structures.


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