Need an argumentative essay on A Message without Words. Needs to be 11 pages. Please no…

Need an argumentative essay on A Message without Words. Needs to be 11 pages. Please no plagiarism.There are various channels that are used to ensure that public relationships occur and they include newsletters, public appearances, press releases and other mediums like the websites that can reach the globe. Benetton images have been used to deliver various messages to different audiences in the world on themes such as love, fight against discrimination and embracing interracial relationships. This paper will focus on the Benetton image highlighted above and the features that make the image an effective marketing and advertisement tool. It will also focus on the goals of the advert, the integrated marketing communication and the technologies used to ensure the success of the advertising program.The message that would fit the image is “fighting discrimination and racial segregation in prisons and the entire globe”. This message is described by the picture where we find two hands which are handcuffed together and they are of different races. There is a black hand and a white hand which are handcuffed and they reveal a message that indicates that they are in prison but they have decided to fight against discrimination together. The issue of racial discrimination has been a long and upstanding issue that have affected both the whites and the black Americans and the issue has also been prevalent in prisons where the two groups of people have been fighting against each other. The picture demonstrates that if people would embrace the message in the picture there would be peace, tolerance and love among the whites and black people (Caywood, 2012).The goal of the campaign is to transform the cultural beliefs, stereotypes, perceptions and behaviors that have been influenced by the racial prejudice. The target audiences of the picture are the African-Americans and the white Americans who have experienced racial discrimination and target for hate due to their skin color and their


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