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Each answers at least have 5 sentences or more.In your responses, make it clear which questions you are answering.

Choose One Question: ?Beginnings,? excerpts (Lockwood)

?Who were some of the major figures in German philosophy and literature in Germany during the 1770s and 1780s?

?What types of concepts and ideas did these major figures express in their writings?

Choose One: Questions Based on the Podcast . this is podcast link

?Five years after his mother?s death, Beethoven went to live in Vienna permanently. Describe the characteristics that made Vienna such an attractive place for musicians.

?What was Beethoven?s reputation by the end of the 1790s?

?How was Beethoven supported financially after his permanent move to Vienna?

Choose One Question: ?Haydn? (Lockwood)

?In this reading, what do we learn about the young Beethoven?s personality?

?Why did Beethoven want to study with Haydn?

Choose One Question: ??From Haydn?s Hands?: Narrative Constructions of Beethoven’s Talent and Future Success,? excerpt (DeNora)

?What is the ?Haydn?s hands? story, and when did it originate?

?What image of Beethoven does the ?Haydn?s hands? story convey?

?DeNora clarifies that her ?purpose is to point out that the telling and retelling of a story about Beethoven?s potential was a condition of his eventual success.? Explain what this sentence means.

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