Music analysis essay (800 words)

Please write an analysis of how I made this music with soundscape tradition. Just need to do the written part by listening to the final song mp3.

Notes: I used my cat’s sound, raining sound, my dog’s sound and pen sounds and phone sounds. The music is attached: I opened my phone and I hear rains for 15 seconds and I decide to make some sounds(Pen clicking on the desk), and I mix it with my cat and my dog’s sound. You dont need to do the piece(I did it). But you need to analysis. This is the requirement for the piece I attached. Basic requirements for the piece:
1. 2-4 minutes in length, with final version exported in mp3 format
2. The piece has sounds from your environment that you recorded
3. These sounds are thoughtfully selected and organized, enabling you to explain
why you chose them and how you used them in your piece
4. This means the piece cannot be one continuous recording of the environment; it
must involve a process of listening back to your recorded sounds, choosing
which to include, and editing them (ex. by cutting, copying and pasting as you
did in your ?speech-to-song? project)

Written commentary and reflection:
Think of this as the liner notes to your piece (akin to the liner notes by Steve Feld and
Brian Eno). In about 800 words, discuss your creative process and decisions,
relationship of your approach to traditions/models, and what your piece captures and
communicates about your daily life. Include (continued next page):
? discussion of which tradition (soundscape, musique concrete or song) you chose
to work in, and what particular aspects of works in that tradition informed your
approach to the project (this involves making clear reference to, and
demonstrating understanding of course materials)
? discussion of how you selected sounds and chose to organize them, in terms of
both their musical qualities and what you sought to capture and communicate
about daily life
? anything additional a listener should know in order to fully appreciate the piece
? discoveries made, or insights arrived at through the process of making the piece.

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