Movie Review about North Korea politics and history, political science homework help

Movie review:

Choose one of the following movies to write the review. You need to watch the full movie.

1.Documentary: ?Order No. 27 (North Korean Film)? (2016 / 1:14:33)

2.Documentary: ?Under the Sun? (2016 / 2:00:00) / May 3 & 4

3.Movie: ?Joint Security Area? (Chan-wook Park) (2000 / 1:50:00) / May 10 & 11

4.Documentary: “The West Through the Eyes of North Korea” / May 17 & 18 /

– You must focus on the class topic.

(Course Description, the movie review must relate to course topic)

This course is designed to address the background, development and challenges that North Korean nuclear issues have brought for the past twenty years or so. With this goal in mind this course will devote the first several weeks to address North Korean nuclear issues. Based on the analyses of North Korean nuclear issues this course will provide the history of North Korea?s political, social and economic systems as a way to understand the background of North Korean nuclear issues. Attention will also be paid to international and inter-Korean dimensions to North Korean nuclear issues. Several characteristics (a sort of royal succession in politics, closed and defunct, but resilient economy and the tight control over society by the military) of North Korea will be examined to understand the future prospects of North Korean system.

– When you watch movies, try to tease out the themes of the movies which you can relate to the readings. For example, in Welcome to Dongmakgol, you may think of how the movie addresses the origins of Korean war, or how US was pointed, etc.

-To be brief in summarizing the stories(no more than one page);

– Focus on the messages that the movie tries to convey. For your reference, sample reviews from the past will be uploaded, but you cannot write the same topic as the samples. The review should mainly focus on thematic thinking and interpretative about the movie, and refer to the reading materials.

– 4 to 5-page, double-spaced,1 inch margin, 12-point font.

– No plagiarism.

(I will provide the movie links, reading materials and sample reviews later.)

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