Moral Analysis Three Overview

submission Specifications

  • A zipped folder named that includes:
    • Virtue Ethical Theory Moral Analysis in a Microsoft Word document named LastnameFirstinitial_M3_Submission_MoralAnalysis_PHI1010.doc that includes:
      • Revised 750-word (minimum) report
      • MLA formatted content, citations, and reference list
    • Milestone 3 Report in a Microsoft Word document named LastnameFirstinitial_M3_Submission_MilestoneReport_PHI1010.doc
    • Review all comments and suggestions made by your instructor.
    • Incorporate your instructor?s suggestions into your Virtue Ethical Theory Moral Analysis essay.
    • Make sure your moral analysis is clearly written. It should not contain grammatical or spelling errors.
    • Title your moral analysis LastnameFirstinitial_M3_Submission_MoralAnalysis_PHI1010.doc.
    • Title your Milestone 3 report LastnameFirstinitial_M3_Submission_MilestoneReport_PHI1010.doc.
    • Combine both Microsoft Word documents into a zipped folder titled
    • Feminism

      1You will explore where, in philosophy, the women are. Are women often more caring than men? Is care more important than justice?


      2You will study what types of contraception (if any) we can ethically use. Is in vitro fertilization (IVF) a morally acceptable thing to do?

      Pro-Life and Pro-Choice

      3You will discuss the morality of abortion and terms such as ?pro-life? and ?pro-choice.?

      Doing Business

      5You will explore whether we should follow the competitive approach to business ethics. When is it appropriate for the government to regulate businesses? How many government regulations should we have?


      Ethics and Personal Actions

      6You will explore certain questions like whether you would kill one person to save ten people. Why or why not? Is it ever morally acceptable to hurt or kill someone to help other people? Or should we never lie, hurt, or kill regardless of the consequences?

      Ethical Treatment of Others

      7You will explore the difference of opinion between ethical egoists and altruists.

      Ethical Workplace Environment

      8You will explore how much freedom we ought to have in the workplace. What is sexual harassment?

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