mod 1 check your understandinguestion Points1. The effort and organization of the works discourages.

mod 1 check your understandinguestion Points1. The effort and organization of the works discourages which conclusion about Paleolithic cave paintings?a. They were for a ritual.b. They had a social function.c. They were aesthetic decoration.d. They aided the hunt.02. An upright stone slab decorated with writing or images, which is used as a marker or memorial is a:a. dolmen.b. stele.c. pylon.d. cairn.13. In some works of art, the size of the figures denotes their importance. This is known as:a. hieratic scale.b. iconography.c. stylization.d. abstraction.14. The Lion-Human sculpture, oldest artwork know, depicts what?a. A man wearing a lion maskb. A god or spirit who is part man and part lionc. A man becoming or who has the power of a liond. It is not known what the artwork is intended to depict5. Compared to Paleolithic painting, Neolithic painting is more:a. colorful.b. narrative.c. allegorical.d. realistic.06. Of what is the alabaster relief of Assurbanipal and His Queen in the Garden a depiction?a. A military victory celebrationb. A romantic love scenec. A homage to the kingd. A religious ritual17. The first prehistoric cave to be discovered was:a. Lascaux.b. Altamira.c. Chauvet.d. Cogul Lérida.8. The world’s oldest epic tale, told in poetry, is called the Epic of:a. Naramsin.b. Gilgamesh.c. Gudea.d. Hammurabi.19. A central goal of art history is to explore the cultural factors that lead to its creation because __________.a. meanings of any artwork are complex and can change over timeb. art history is a work continually in progressc. new research and new approaches to culture changed. All of the choices apply.10. “Between the Rivers” is the meaning of:a. Babylonia.b. Mesopotamia.c. Assyria.d. Egypt.111. An early form of writing using wedge-shaped marks is the definition of:a. hieroglyphic.b. cuneiform.c. pictograph.d. hieratic.112. Megalithic construction indicates:a. ethnic diversity.b. sharing of tasks.c. the existence of slavery.d. larger communities.013. A painting that portrays inanimate objects is called a:a. canon.b. lithograph.c. still life.d. trompe l’oeil.114. The study of individual artworks, up close, according to their shared formal qualities is ________.a. connoisseurshipb. formalismc. idealismd. iconography15. The oldest works of art found to-date are ________ years old.a. 24,000b. 26,000c. 30,000d. 120,00016. The shelters of Paleolithic people were _______.a. large stone structuresb. tents of unknown materialsc. proof of imagination and planningd. large wooden homes117. Which of the following defines abstraction the best?a. The image appears to record the visible world accuratelyb. The image transforms recognizable objects into patterns or idealsc. The image does not depict any recognizable objectd. A real object takes the place of an image118. Which of the following defines nonrepresentational the best?a. The image appears to record the visible world accuratelyb. The image is altered from reality but suggests the original objectc. The image does not depict any recognizable objectd. A real object takes the place of an image19. A small stone, decorated with incised patterns, that makes an identifying “signature” when rolled across soft clay or wax is called a:a. cylinder seal.b. capital.c. stele.d. cairn.20. Which of the following is an image created as a devotional offering to a deity?a. Cartoucheb. Iconc. Stelemod 2Question Points1. If the Greek Classical sculptures were designed to make you think, the Hellenistic sculptures were designed to make you:a. celebrate.b. act.c. feel.d. pray.02. In Egyptian history, the “Old Kingdom,” “Middle Kingdom,” and the “New Kingdom” represents:a. three ruling family lines.b. broad historical developments.c. three foreigners who ruled Egypt.d. the builders of the three great pyramids.13. The Minoan writing that has been deciphered is:a. hieroglyphic.b. Linear A.c. Linear B.d. cuneiform.04. A decorative process in which one material is set into the surface of an object is called:a. inlaying.b. bracketing.c. glazing.d. incising.5. Where do we see Han architecture?a. In the Great Wild Goose Pagodab. In the Nanchan Templec. At Borobudurd. Only in ceramic models16. Which of the following is the Egyptian symbol of life?a. Cartoucheb. Scarabc. Ankh17. Which characterized the Indian sense of beauty?a. Simplicityb. Geometric orderc. Profusion of ornamentd. Standardized proportions8. An entablature consists of:a. stylobate, sterobate, and architrave.b. architrave, frieze, and cornice.c. triglyph, metope, and abacus.d. pediment, cornice, and architrave.19. How were geometric funerary vases used?a. To pour libationsb. As grave markersc. To carry wine to the funerald. To keep the ashes of the deceased010. From which country does the world’s oldest surviving fired pottery come?a. Japanb. Koreac. Chinad. India111. In the Egyptian religion, __________ was the ibis-headed god and __________ was the falcon-headed god.a. Thoth; Horusb. Ammit; Thothc. Anubis; Horusd. Horus; Osiris112. In early Buddhist art, Buddha himself is shown:a. in a Roman style toga.b. seated on a lotus throne.c. only symbolically.d. as an ordinary teacher.013. Which of the following is a type of hard glossy varnish?a. Lacquerb. Glazec. Seald. Enamelwork114. __________ refers to the illusion on a flat surface of objects projecting sharply into space, and __________ refers to creating the illusion of three-dimensionality on a flat surface through the use of lights and darks.a. Foreshortening; modelingb. Shading; foreshorteningc. Undercutting; perspectived. Modeling; contraposto015. The Man and Centaur sculpture is an example of:a. archaic ceramics.b. early Classical bronze casting.c. geometric style.d. “high” Classical ideals.116. Which is the oldest surviving documented wooden structure in the world?a. Inner Shrine, Ise, Japanb. Horyu-ji, Japanc. Nanchan Temple, Chinad. Great Stupa, Sanchi, India117. In the Buddha and Attendants from Mathura, the image of Buddha is developed from images of:a. Greco-Roman gods.b. Shiva.c. Yakshas.d. Yakshis.118. The Hellenistic era begins upon the death of _______.a. Helen of Troyb. Hellas of Athensc. Jesus Christd. Alexander the Great19. Which subject occurs most often in the world’s art?a. Mythological characters and their storiesb. Landscape, cityscape, and seascapec. Portraits and contemporary lifed. Animals020. The oldest and largest of the Giza pyramids is that of:a. Djoser.b. Khafre.c. Khufu.d. Menkaure.121. Which is the sculptural term for removing more material behind the positive shapes so that they cast deeper shadows?a. Modelingb. Shadingc. Foreshorteningd. Undercutting122. Which of the following is a method of building using huge blocks of rough-hewn stone?a. Ashlar constructionb. Cyclopean constructionc. Crenellated constructiond. Dressed stone constructionLO1I:Identify the common elements and terms of ancient art and architecture123. Chinese writing characters evolved from:a. cuneiform characters.b. hieroglyphics.c. pictographs.d. hieratic characters.024. When were Egyptian artistic conventions followed most strictly?a. When depicting the slavesb. When depicting the priestsc. When depicting royaltyd. When depicting commoners25. You can tell a bodhisattva from a Buddha because a bodhisattva has:a. simple monk’s robes.b. a lotus throne.c. a tuft of white hair between his eyes.d. lavish clothes and crown.026. The Greek war against Troy as told by Homer in the Iliad most likely involved the:a. Cycladic people.b. Minoans.c. Mycenaeans.d. Persians.127. Qin Shihuangdi’s ceramic soldiers were mass-produced by using:a. standardized molds.b. body casts.c. cylinders for legs, arms, torso.d. stamps.128. Who designed the funerary complex and stepped pyramid of Djoser?a. Djoserb. Imhotepc. Menkaured. Menes129. In the Tang dynasty, ceramic figurines were produced by the thousand for use in:a. Buddhist monasteries.b. tombs.c. courts.d. trade.130. Images of Senusret III are typically described as:a. angry.b. joyous.c. vicious.d. melancholy.31. Which of the following is three-dimensional and free of any background or block?a. Reliefb. Bas reliefc. Contrapostod. Sculpture in the round132. __________ designed the sculpture of the Parthenon, and __________ is noted for developing a “canon” of proportion and carved a sculpture to illustrate it.a. Pericles; Phidiasb. Kleisthenes; Praxitelesc. Socrates; Periclesd. Phidias; Polykleitos133. Fayum mummy portraits were painted using what kind of medium?a. Encausticb. Frescoc. Oild. Watercolor134. Which of the following characteristics of Greek art became more pronounced during Hellenistic times?a. It became more idealized.b. It became more all-encompassing.c. It was more individual and emotional.d. It was more calm and aloof.135. What allowed the Greeks to begin to create more complex action poses in their sculpture at the beginning of the Classical age?a. Study of anatomyb. Use of bronze instead of marblec. Development of better toolsd. Development of beehive kilnsmod 3Question Points1. Which Islamic art form was most well known and accepted best in Europe?a. Tugrasb. Carpetsc. Ceramicsd. Silks12. What is the striking difference between depictions of the Greek procession on the Parthenon and the Roman procession on the Ara Pacis?a. The Greek figures are nude.b. The Roman one is longer.c. The Greek cutting is much deeper.d. The Roman one shows actual people.3. What is the angular Islamic script that developed first called?a. Interlaceb. Iwanc. Muqarnasd. Kufic14. What is parchment made of?a. Animal skinb. Papyrusc. Tree barkd. Cloth5. Which of the following is an oven designed to fire clay at high temperature?a. Basilicab. Aqueductc. Atriumd. Kiln16. In Byzantine architecture, which is the preferred way to support a dome?a. With squinchesb. With pendentivesc. With a colonnaded. With a drum07. In Islamic architecture, which is a large vaulted chamber with one side being an open arch?a. Iwanb. Madrasac. Muqarnad. Mihrab18. The difficulty of making large clay sculpture is that when it is wet it tends to:a. collapse.b. expand.c. puddle.d. mould.19. What does the Arch of Titus commemorate?a. Titus’s coronation as Emperorb. Titus’s birthc. Titus’s deathd. Titus’s capture of Jerusalem110. Which is an image of a holy person?a. Mandorlab. Iconc. Cheribumd. Cloison111. The Romans could build faster and cheaper because they developed the use of:a. mass production.b. concrete.c. slave labor.d. modular construction.12. A semi-precious stone or gemstone carved in low relief is known as a:a. cameo.b. dado.c. pilaster.d. spandrel.113. The House of the Silver Wedding is so named because:a. a silver plate depicting a marriage was found there.b. the patrons who paid for the modern excavation were having their 50th wedding anniversary.c. Roman documents unearthed there gave it that name.d. a male and female body found in an embrace, both about age 75, was excavated there.014. What was the very important contributing tradition that resulted in Roman veristic portraiture?a. Celebrity status of the gladiatorsb. Fame of the Roman prostitutesc. Death masks of deceased relativesd. Honor given to the Roman senators015. Augustus’s triumphal return to Rome after establishing Roman rule in Gaul is commemorated in the:a. Augustus of Primaporta.b. Temple of Portunus.c. Gemma Augustea.d. Ara Pacis.116. Which was the specialized art form developed by the Ottomans to symbolize the authority of the sultan on official seals, coins, buildings, and documents?a. Arabesquesb. Tugrasc. Muqarnasd. Madrasas117. Even after Constantinople fell to Islam, Byzantine art continued in _______.a. Russian and Neo-Persian artb. Islam and Eastern Orthodox Christian artc. Roman Catholic and Protestant artd. Russian and Protestant art118. The theme of wall paintings in the Villa of Mysteries is probably:a. a Roman orgy.b. divine justice.c. initiation into the cult of Bacchus.d. the Greek play Oedipus Rex.119. Which is NOT a type of decoration used at the Great Mosque in Cordoba?a. Geometric motifsb. Stylized vegetationc. Arabic inscriptionsd. Human figures20. Certain sculptural effects such as the circular patterns in the hair of the Young Flavian Woman are called:a. drillwork.b. openwork.c. cloisonné.d. undercutting.121. The history of Jewish art is fragmented because ________.a. they forbade the use of imagesb. the Jews were exiled from Israel by Hadrianc. so much was destroyed through persecutionsd. so little was made of durable materials022. ______ was influence on the bowl with a Kufic border from Samarkand.a. Chinese porcelainb. Korean celadonc. Greek potteryd. Byzantine mosaic023. Later Byzantine architecture became more:a. organic.b. simple.c. unadorned.d. complex.124. Which is the highest art form in the Islamic world?a. Sculptureb. Weavingc. Calligraphyd. Painting125. The basic unit of Roman architecture is the:a. round arch.b. pier.c. post and lintel.d. truss.mod 4backQuestion Points1. Which painting tradition was the most important influence on Cimabue?a. Frenchb. Byzantinec. Spanishd. Englishtiate and identify Early Medieval and Romanesque forms of art, architecture, and sculpture12. Which of the following describes the depiction of Jesus on the Lindau Gospel outer cover?a. Calm and classicalb. Turbulent and agitatedc. Emotionald. Abstract and ornamental03. What was Gothic architecture called in its own time?a. Modernb. Italianc. Old-fashionedd. Churchwork14. As Gothic architecture emerged, what happened to monarchy?a. It became powerful and centralized in Italy.b. The nobility weakened it.c. It became powerful and centralized in France.d. The church weakened it.15. What is the subject of a “Throne of Wisdom” statue?a. Solomon on his throneb. Christ sitting in judgment of the worldc. Virgin Mary holding the Christ Child on her lapd. Emperor and empress enthroned16. Which is the most important surviving example of traditional Chinese architecture?a. The Forbidden Cityb. Byodo-inc. Angkor Watd. Kandariya Mahadeva temple7. Which is LEAST important in Ottonian art, as seen in Christ Washing the Feet of His Disciples?a. Roman verismb. symbolic meaningc. Byzantine emphasis on outlined. Byzantine use of color and gold18. Where were the two important schools of Italian Gothic painting?a. Rome and Naplesb. Venice and Ravennac. Milan and Bolognad. Siena and Florence19. Which is a vertical painting mounted on silk with a round dowel at the bottom that allows it to be rolled up?a. Hand-scrollb. Album leafc. Fusumad. Hanging scroll010. Where can one find depictions of William the Conqueror’s invasion and eventual defeat of England?a. Bishop Bernard Doorsb. Bayeux Tapestryc. Worchester Chronicled. Book of Homilies111. Who originated the term Gothic?a. Michelangelo Buonarrotib. Giorgio Vasaric. Petrarchd. Dante112. Which is the symbolism of jewels when applied to the covers of Gospel books?a. The “pearl of great price” that Jesus spoke ofb. Biblical descriptions of the Heavenly Jerusalemc. That Jesus was descended from royaltyd. That the owner was a member of the nobility013. Where did Gothic Architecture begin?a. ÃŽle-de-Franceb. Burgundyc. Tuscanyd. Southern England114. Which is the hybrid style developed by Christian artists living in Islamic Spain?a. Mozarabicb. Arabesquec. Romanesqued. Ukiyo-e115. Which is the cone-like superstructure of a Northern Indian temple?a. Shikharab. Fusumac. Garbhagrihad. Mandapa016. What types of buildings were built in the Gothic style?a. Christian churchesb. Jewish synagoguesc. Town hallsd. All of the choices apply.017. Where was Lorenzetti’s Allegory of Good Government in the City painted?a. Siena cathedralb. Duke’s palacec. Siena city halld. Vatican118. Which conveys the idea that the scene of the Annunciation in Jean Pucelle’s Petites Heures of Jeanne d’Evreux is a vision?a. You can see through the wall of the houseb. Queen Jeanne is included, kneeling with her bookc. The depiction of clowns and jestersd. The musicians are a symbol of sleep119. Which is a color applied to a ceramic vessel before the glaze?a. Polychromeb. Gildingc. Underglazed. Collage20. In Medieval manuscripts, what is the page at the end called where scribes and illustrators sometimes signed their names and provided background information?a. Colophonb. Indexc. Scriptoriumd. Gallery021. As seen at Saint-Lazare, Autun, how is a Last Judgement scene typically laid out?a. The damned are not depicted.b. The damned are on the viewer’s left.c. The damned are on Christ’s left.d. The damned are beneath Christ’s feet.022. In much of Indian art, divine fertility and harmony are symbolized by:a. vegetation.b. birds.c. stars.d. erotic couples.23. Which concept was most important in the direction that Gothic architecture took?a. Association of light with divinityb. Church as a city of Godc. Church as a fortressd. Mountain of the Lord124. Gothic originally meant:a. dark and evil.b. full of light.c. frightening and macabre.d. a fourth-century Germanic people.125. Which of the following is NOT a classical element in Nicola Pisano’s Baptistry pulpit?a. Corinthian capitalsb. Deeply cut, full-bodied formsc. Heavy, placid facial typesd. Crowded layoutmod 5Question Points1. Which High Renaissance painter made little models and painted through a grid?a. Tintorettob. Titianc. Leonardod. Veronese02. Which is the basis for Botticelli’s Venus?a. Masaccio’s Eveb. The antique Medici Venusc. Donatello’s Davidd. Pollaioulo’s Battle of the Nudes13. Which is the term for a little boy often shown naked and with wings?a. Giornatab. Sgraffitoc. Aediculad. Putto4. Who was perhaps the Renaissance’s greatest woman patron of the arts and the Marchesa of Mantua?a. Sofonisba Anguissolab. Lavinia Fontanac. Caterina van Hemessend. Isabella d’Esté5. How does Michelangelo organize and give structure to the Sistine Ceiling?a. With illusionistic architectural elementsb. By one unifying scenec. With a pyramidal compositiond. With a circular composition16. Like Mannerist painting, the Burial of Count Orgaz:a. shows every detail.b. has no specific reference to the setting.c. has a symmetrical composition.d. focuses on the surrounding landscape.07. Which is true of the subject of the pietà?a. Michelangelo’s is the first one.b. It was common in Northern Europe.c. It was common in Italy.d. Michelangelo’s is the only one.8. Which work has Michelangelo’s signature?a. Davidb. Pietàc. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapeld. Last Judgment9. Who began the long tradition of illusionistic ceiling painting?a. Sandro Botticellib. Andrea Mantegnac. Giovanni Bellinid. Piero della Francesca10. For what was the Isenheim Altarpiece commissioned?a. Pilgrimage church in Isenheimb. Residence of the Bishop of Mainzc. Residence of the ruler of Halled. Hospital that specialized in skin diseases11. Which four artists define the High Renaissance?a. Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Titianb. Donatello, Botticelli, Raphael, and Leonardoc. Donatello, Mantegna, Masaccio, and Michelangelod. Raphael, Donatello, Masaccio, and Brunelleschi12. Which of Raphael’s works includes a self-portrait?a. The Small Cowper Madonnab. Poetry and the Artsc. School of Athensd. Miraculous Draft of Fishes13. In which of his works did Leonardo explore the relationship of the circle and the square to the ideal human body?a. Vitruvian Manb. Mona Lisac. Last Supperd. School of Athens14. Where was the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance?a. Romeb. Sienac. Veniced. Florence15. What is the term for a series of paintings on a single subject?a. Polyptychb. Cyclec. Arrangementd. Procession16. Which of the following is a system of showing distance through color, clarity, and value?a. Atmospheric perspectiveb. Linear perspectivec. Mathematical perspectived. Intuitive perspective17. What makes van der Weyden’s Deposition of special importance?a. It is his only known work.b. It is the first oil painting.c. It establishes the characteristics of his work.d. It was sent to Italy and spread the Flemish style there.18. What was the purpose and setting for Fra Angelico’s Annunciation?a. An altarpiece in a monastery chapelb. For meditation and prayer in monks’ private living quartersc. For a noblewoman’s devotional at her homed. For the Pope’s viewing in the Vatican apartments19. Where did Michelangelo include a self-portrait in the Last Judgment?a. In Charon’s boatb. In the sagging skin of Saint Bartholomewc. In the crowd on the right hand of Christd. With donkey ears in Hell20. Propezia de Rossi was best known for her _________.a. paintings of the Madonnab. sculpted miniaturesc. sculptures of Christd. help to Michelangelo21. Which of the following was not among the great early Flemish painters?a. Jan van Eyckb. Rogier van der Weydenc. Robert Campind. Paolo Uccello022. Upon which moment in the story of Jesus’ Last Supper did Leonardo focus in his portrayal?a. The passing of the breadb. Jesus’ statement that one of the disciples would betray himc. The symbolism and distribution of the wined. The reception of the Holy Spirit123. Which event marks the end of the classical phase of the High Renaissance?a. The death of Michelangelob. The death of Bramantec. The death of Julius IId. The death of Raphael124. Who changed Florentine painting more than anyone since Giotto?a. Fra Angelicob. Paolo Uccelloc. Sandro Botticellid. Masaccio125. In linear perspective, all parallel lines converge at a(n):a. orthogonal.b. vanishing point.c. horizon line.d. picture plane.26. In which subject is Titian considered renowned?a. Landscapeb. Female nudesc. Virgin and Childd. Still life27. Mannerism originated in:a. Venice, Italy.b. Fontainebleau, France.c. Florence, Italy.d. Toledo, Spain.the elements of Mannerism128. ________ was Giorgione’s assistant who became one of the most famous Renaissance artists.a. Titianb. Michelangeloc. Raphaeld. Pontormo29. In Bronzoni’s Allegory of Venus and Cupid, Mannerist elements are ___________.a. graceful poses, soft color, and polished surfacesb. exaggerated poses, water imagery, and puttoc. dramatic poses, bold color, and rough surfacesd. stiff poses, hazy color, and water imagery130. Who traveled to Italy twice and brought back ideas of perspective, ideal human proportions, and painting techniques to his home country?a. Albrecht Dürerb. Matthias Grünewaldc. Tilman Riemenschneiderd. Hans Holbein the Youngermod 6 Question Points1. Which Baroque element is in David’s Napoleon Crossing the Saint-Bernard?a. Loose, fluid brushworkb. Emphasis on color over linec. Sweeping diagonalsd. Evocation of intense emotion02. Which word best describes Nicholas Poussin?a. Medievalistb. Classicistc. Modernistd. Realist03. Which style replaced the Rococo style?a. Baroqueb. Neoclassicalc. Realismd. Romanticism14. Which is the strongest and most obvious influence on Thomas Jefferson’s design for his home at Monticello?a. Berninib. French Rocococ. Early American clapboard homesd. Palladio05. Which of the following is often considered to be one of the greatest group portraits ever painted?a. Officers of the Haarlem Militia Company of Saint Adrian, Franz Halsb. Las Meninas, Velázquezc. Burial of Count Orgaz, El Grecod. Captain Franz Banning Cocq Mustering His Company, Rembrandt16. Which art movement is characterized by fantastic or literary themes often set in a remote time or place and infused with melancholy?a. Romanticismb. Rocococ. Realismd. Neoclassicism17. Which is the principle that Rousseau and other Enlightenment philosophers taught that seems to be a conscious theme in Vigée-Lebrun’s Portrait of Marie Antoinette with Her Children?a. Importance of the aristocracyb. Idea of the “noble savage”c. Importance of each class fulfilling their dutyd. Importance of the mother in nature8. Which artist is known for his many personal self-portraits?a. Franz Halsb. Caravaggioc. Rembrandtd. Rubens9. Which of the following is a characteristic of the Rococo, as opposed to the Baroque?a. Larger scale projectsb. More intense emotionc. Greater naturalismd. A lighter palette10. Which style developed late in the Baroque period from Baroque art and is seen as a refined form of Baroque?a. Neoclassicismb. Mannerismc. Rococod. Realism11. Which art movement was particularly interested in moral incorruptibility, patriotism, and courage?a. Romanticismb. Rocococ. Realismd. Neoclassicism12. Who painted moralizing tales in series of four to six paintings?a. William Hogarthb. Thomas Gainsboroughc. Angelica Kauffmannd. Joseph Wright13. Who was the first woman elected to the Florentine Academy of Design?a. Judith Leysterb. Lavinia Fontanac. Sofonisba Anguissolad. Artemisia Gentileschi:Identify significant Baroque and Rococo art works, artists, and painters114. It is thought that the word Baroque may come from the word for:a. an irregularly shaped pearl.b. a watered garden.c. a dramatic play.d. exceptionally talented.15. Which art movement is characterized by heroic nudity and the dominance of drawing over painterly effects?a. Romanticismb. Rocococ. Realismd. Neoclassicism16. Which of the following is possibly the ultimate Baroque ceiling?a. Michelangelo’s Sistine Ceilingb. Carracci’s Palazzo Farnese ceilingc. Gaulli’s frescoes in Il Gesud. Mantegna’s Camera Picta17. The story of whose vision is told in the painting Our Lady of Guadalupe?a. John the Revelatorb. Maryc. Joan of Arcd. Juan Diego18. Which best describes the attitude of Francisco Goya?a. Humanity is rational and good.b. The Enlightenment would change the world for the better.c. Humanity is violent, greedy, and foolish.d. Strong leadership is needed to control the people.19. Which best describes the painting of John Constable?a. Turbulentb. Fantastic natural sceneryc. Naturalistic scenes of rural stabilityd. Depicting natural disasters20. Which style is most likely to include the strong subjective feelings of the artist?a. Romanticismb. Rocococ. Realismd. Neoclassicismmod 7Question Points1. In Pueblo society, who made the pottery?a. Only the shamanb. Only the menc. Only the womend. Only the nobles12. Which method does the numumusow of the Mande-speaking people use to make their pottery?a. Coilingb. Wheel-thrownc. Moldsd. Slab construction13. What is the Queen Mother of Benin called?a. Numumusowb. Iyobac. Onid. Nkisi nkondo4. Who was the finest architectural sculptor of modern times?a. Osei Bonsub. Kojo Bonsuc. Magdalena Odundod. Olówè of Isè5. Which people made the oldest known sculpture from sub-Saharan Africa?a. Nokb. Yorubac. Shonad. Kongo6. Which of the following best describes Mesoamerican society?a. Sharply divided class structureb. Egalitarianc. Communisticd. Democratic7. What did the Aztecs call themselves?a. Mesoamericansb. Chacmoolc. Pakald. Mesoamericans8. In Benin sculpture, such as that of the iyoba, what represents Olokun, the Lord of the Great Waters?a. Portuguese soldierb. Mudfishc. Pantherd. Coral-beads9. Which characteristic do the eyes of Nok sculptural figures have in common?a. They are left blank.b. They are painted.c. They are D-shaped.d. Their height is greater than their width.10. The potters, called numumusow, among the Mande-speaking peoples are:a. diviners.b. sculptors.c. blacksmiths.d. women.11. In Aztec art, how is Coyolxauhqui (the moon) depicted?a. As a snake on a cactusb. As an eaglec. With obsidiand. As a sacrificial victim12. What meaning does the Finial of a spokesperson’s staff from the Ashanti Kingdom have?a. Renewal cycle of lifeb. Difficulty of maintaining political powerc. Physical strength is power and controld. How easily one can damage themselves or others with words13. How was the pendant representing an iyoba displayed?a. On the king’s crownb. In the doorway of a shrinec. As the king’s belt or hip ornamentd. On the neck of the king’s panther14. What are the Mayan half-reclining stone figures called?a. Chacmoolb. Coyolxauhquic. Talud-tablerod. Coatlicue15. What is the symbol of purity on the top of the Great Friday Mosque in Jenne?a. Ivory tuskb. Gold leaf covered crescent moonc. Ostrich eggd. Abstract mask16. The Inca city of Machu Picchu is known for being a:a. a summer home for the ruler.b. site of temples for religious ceremonial purposes.c. site for great example of Inca masonry.d. All of the choices apply.17. Which civilization iconography typically features prisoners being sacrificed for their blood?a. Incab. Mayac. Olmecd. Moche18. Maria Montoya Martinez’s famous pottery was decorated in which of the following ways?a. Designs of colored glazesb. Different metallic slipsc. Black and white designsd. Matte black and glossy black designs19. What are kiva?a. Ceramic vessels with stirrup spoutsb. Monumental earthworksc. Circular ceremonial moundsd. ritual underground rooms20. In the fifteenth- and sixteenth-centuries, which tradition came to an end in Old Jenné because of warfare that caused the city to decline?a. Weavingb. Stone architecturec. Bronze castingd. Ceramic sculpturemod 8Question Points1. What was the Eiffel Tower meant to symbolize?a. Universal loveb. Bridge to the futurec. French industrial progressd. French ties to four continents12. Whose painting gave Impressionism its name?a. Manetb. Monetc. Morisotd. Degas13. For which subject is Degas best known?a. Ballet scenesb. Landscapec. Portraitsd. Mother and child14. Which artist is best known for expressing anxiety and a fear of death?a. Vincent van Goghb. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrecc. Edvard Munchd. Paul Gauguin15. What is the title of Grant Wood’s American classic of an Iowa farmer and his daughter?a. American Landscapeb. American Gothicc. Spring Showersd. The Joy of Life6. Which art movement was particularly interested in exploring Freud’s ideas about the subconscious?a. Cubismb. Fauvismc. Surrealismd. De Stijl7. What are the documents called wherein twentieth-century artists wrote declarations of their artistic principles?a. Automatic writingb. Readymadesc. Collaged. Manifestos18. Which of the following is characterized by fluid linear arabesques and organic forms?a. Historicismb. Impressionismc. Synthetismd. Art Nouveau9. What did the Post-Impressionists NOT change about Impressionism?a. Bright paletteb. Color patchc. Subject matterd. Spontaneous recording of light10. In architecture, what is the strong consciousness of and attention to the institutions, themes, styles, and forms of the past called?a. Passage techniqueb. Arts and Crafts Movementc. Art Nouveaud. Historicism11. Which art movement combined Fauvist color with analytic cubist form in works dedicated to the modern city and modern technology?a. Futurismb. Orphismc. Suprematismd. Dada12. What was the result of Dorothea Lange’s photographs?a. Documentary photography became fine artb. The federal government began the Farm Securities Administrationc. Farm workers began their first uniond. California built migrant labor camps013. Which of the following was one of the three principles of the International Style architecture?a. The conception of architecture as volume rather than massb. Symmetry as the chief means of ordering designc. Applied decorationd. Load bearing walls of dense material14. What was the movement of African-American writers, artists, and musicians that explored black experience and identity?a. Precisionistsb. Harlem Renaissancec. New Realistsd. Regionalists15. Which art movement aimed to attack everything old, dull, feminine, and safe and promote the masculine, including warfare and speed?a. Dadab. Orphismc. Suprematismd. Futurism16. Which is the movement where motifs are created by combining simpler elements, which are sometimes actually pasted on?a. Analytic Cubismb. Fauvismc. Futurismd. Synthetic Cubism17. What caused modern art to be transformed from an embattled fringe movement to being a component of “high culture?”a. Two great world warsb. Advance of capitalismc. Technological changesd. State supported museums of modern art18. What was Gauguin’s word for combining feelings with observation?a. Synthetismb. Passage techniquec. Pointillismd. Avant-garde19. Which is true of the new Bauhaus building in Dessau that Gropius designed?a. It makes use of beautiful veneers.b. The surface decorations add variety an

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