• MLA format • 12 point font (Times New Roman or Arial) • 3 – 4 pages of text, not including the Wor

• MLA format 
• 12 point font (Times New Roman or Arial) 
• 3 – 4 pages of text, not including the Works Cited page 
• Works Cited page 
• A minimum of two outside sources, correctly quoted and cited 
• Select sources that are current, relevant, and reliable 
• Avoid “quick and easy” sources, such as Wikipedia, Dictionary.com, or other online 
encyclopedias or dictionaries 

For this assignment, you will select a topic and write an informative essay. Begin by selecting a 
topic that you are interested in (Autism) and about which you would like to learn more. Keep in mind, 
though, that informative writing is neutral and objective, aiming to enlighten the reader without 
attempting to persuade. Therefore, you should select a topic that you can approach in an 
unbiased manner throughout your research and writing process. Keep in mind that this essay is 
only 3-4 pages, so select a topic that is focused enough for you to address in that span.  …….

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