maximization process, accounting homework help

I need a total of 5 single spaced pages.

PART I answer in 1 single-spaced page with APA references

of a maximization process — it could be as simple as maximize monthly
savings given your income and expenses. Now, consider how you may use
linear programing to help you to solve this optimization problem. How
would you turn your objective function and constraints into math
equations? What are the conditions or assumptions you have to make to
use linear programming? Will you be able to share the results you
obtained from this exercise and comment on the effectiveness of linear

Part II

The work is pretty much done I just need it finished with the data and document attached

a 4- page single-spaced report (excluding the cover page, the reference
page, and any tables and graphs), which demonstrate your ability to use
linear programming to solve a real world problem. You need to collect
your own data either from the web or from a company that you are
familiar with. Please identify a real world scenario where you have a
goal or target to maximize or minimize and a couple of constraints.
Then, you need to translate this real world problem into a linear
programming problem, where you will have an objective function and
several linear constraints. Solve this linear programming problem and
interpret your result(s) in terms of the slackness of each constraint.
Finally, make real world recommendations based on your finding.

If you could not find a real world example, you may use one of the case
study questions in the textbook as a substitute. A verbal description
by itself will not receive any credits. Please copy and paste in or
attach your Excel Worksheet, which is a must to receive credits for
statistical analysis. You do need to analyze your own data and cannot
simply cite the statistical result published else where.

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