Maternity: Labour and Delivery Self-Debriefing Questions. Make sure…

Question Maternity: Labour and Delivery Self-Debriefing Questions. Make sure… Maternity: Labour and Delivery Self-Debriefing Questions. Make sure to answer all the questions below using the information in the link that I provided. Rachel Spencer is in labour, and you are her nurse in the labour and delivery unit of the hospital. The goal of the simulation game is to reach the end of the story by answering as few questions as possible. The game link is are your thoughts and feelings as you cared for Rachel Spencer in the labour and delivery unit?2.Did you play the game more than once, and, if so, how was this helpful to you?3.How did you feel in the role of the nurse Ian Cameron during this simulation?4.Share what you learned in relation to establishing a therapeutic nurse client relationship with Rachel and Patrick. 5.Not everyone works their way through this scenario perfectly. What can you take away from the incorrect decisions/responses you may have made?6.As you worked your way through this simulation, did you find yourself going to other sources to learn more about caring for a woman in labour? If you did go to others sources, what types of things did you review to help increase your knowledge?7.In summary, the learning outcomes were:8.Demonstrate accurate and timely assessment of a labouring woman.9.Identify normal findings, abnormal variations, and potential complications during labour for the mother and her fetus.10.Demonstrate therapeutic communication.11.Recognise when additional assistance is required during the labouring process     12.What were your key learning points? 13.If you were to care for a labouring woman in the future, what will you take away from this simulation to incorporate into your clinical practice? 14.What questions remain unanswered for you in relation to this labour and delivery nursing care scenario? Health Science Science Nursing NURSING PNH201 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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