marriage and courtship dq 3

You must address both parts of this prompt:

Part A:

scripts are taught both overtly and covertly. Discuss some of the overt
sexual scripts we learn through the media and at home. For example, on
TV we learn that sex is something we should engage in, is always
fantastic, should be spontaneous, and is never messy. Other overt
messages include the best-looking guy gets the girl (and sex), ugly
girls do not get (or want) sex, and people with handicaps do not get (or
want) sex. Covert messages many of us learn at home is that sex is not
something parents engage in, is not something to talk about, and is done
for procreation only. What influence do covert and overt messages have
on your beliefs, actions, and expectations about sex?

your parents or someone a generation older than you about what the
values and scripts for sex were for them as young adults. Were the
values and scripts different during your parents? youth than your own?
In what ways?

Part B:

the differing reasons people choose to get married or to stay single
and how this may change as people get older. For example, a young person
may marry to escape parental authority, but as people enter their 30s
this may not be a reason for marriage. Discuss marrying for economic
reasons and why this may not work in American culture, while it does in
other cultures. What are some of the reasons people choose to not marry?

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