Marketing Research SPSS Case Analysis

The SPSS CASE ANALYSIS assignment is designed to take you a step further by getting you to use and apply what you?ve already learned about SPSS.
Before you start this assignment, make sure that you?ve carefully read and examined the following two files:
? Santa Fe Grill Database Overview?Class Project
? Santa Fe Question

You should also download the Santa Fe Grill N = 405 file to your desktop as you will need that file for your data analysis.
Given the write-up for the case and the questionnaire, there are several questions that a researcher can ask to determine differences between Santa Fe Grill (SFG) and Jose?s Southwestern Café (JSC).

I have uploaded most of the files needed to complete this. for some reason it wouldnt allow me to upload the one crucial file you will need to complete the assignment. so please contact me at d a s o c c e r g u y 0 7 at g m a i l . c o m so u can receive the crucial file needed to complete this assignment

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