Marketing Communications and Brand Strategies – Intel Corporation Mobile Products – China/United States

Assignment Steps

Develop a minimum 700-word branding strategy and marketing communications plan in Microsoft® Word.
This document should address at least five (5) elements of the
Situational Analysis and the Product, Place/Distribution, Promotion, and
Pricing Strategies (modified below) sections of the marketing plan
(from the Situational Analysis and the Product, Place/Distribution,
Promotion, and Price Strategies lists below). The five elements you
select should only come from the options provided below. You must
include a measurement of customer loyalty and retention in your
strategy document. You may include more than the minimum to provide
clarity and coherence to your document. Be sure to address your domestic
and international markets for each element. Remember to address the US
and your foreign market in these sections.

  • Situational Analysis:
    • Vision, Mission, Strategic objectives, Values
    • Strengths/Weaknesses
    • Competitor’s Strengths/Weaknesses
    • Market Segments
  • Product, Place/Distribution, Promotion, and Price Strategies:
    • Creating a Brand Image
    • Maintaining Brand Image
    • Branding Concerns
    • Promotion/Integrated Marketing Communications
    • Advertising Strategy/Objectives
    • Push and Pull Strategies
    • Media Strategy
    • Advertising Execution
    • Public Relations/Strategies

Note: Charts/graphs/tables do not count toward the word count.

The plan will be a continuation of your global or multi-regional
business you chose in Week 1. This will be incorporated into your
overall marketing plan for Week 6.

Cite a minimum of six peer-reviewed references as
well as others. Be sure to leverage your learning from this course by
defining/discussing marketing concepts/principles related to this week’s

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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