Marketing ( 500words maximum for 2 parts)

Required textbook: Digital Marketing Essentials by Jeff Larson and Stuart Draper published by Stukent, Inc. ( I will give your access code this book through messenger after we finish bid and get started)

Part 1: (maximum 300words)

For this exercise, you need to select a page to analyze or You will also need to identify a primary competition for your chosen site. Go to and enter the URL for your selected site (copy paste from your browser to include the correct prefix of http:// or https://). Using the little ?I? (info) icons next to the terms (e.g., Domain Authority) and the links on the left side of the page, spend some time exploring the data available to you on this site. Repeat the process for your competitive site.

To receive credit for this exercise, REPLY to THIS message and answer the following questions.

  1. What site did you explore for this assignment? What primary competitor did you identify?
  2. How many inbound links did Open Site Explorer identify for your selected site? How many ?just-discovered? links?? What other metrics did you find interesting/noteworthy about your site and why? What does this information tell you about your selected site?
  3. How did your site compare to the competitive site on these metrics? What advice would you give to your site based on something you learned from exploring the basic metrics and the inbound links information for both sites?
  4. Explain your feelings and reactions to this assignment.

Part 2: (Maximum 200words)

The Open Site Explorer from Exercise 2 is only one of hundreds (thousands??) of sites that provide free information/tracking/metrics related to search engine optimization. Spend some time Googling terms in Chapters 2 or 3 to see what you can find. What was your favorite tool/site? Why?

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