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1.1 Market Position

o Search
the Internet for two REI competitors. Analyze each competitor’s overall
positioning in the market. How closely does each company appear to match REI
and its product lines?

o Write a comparison for each competitor’s site. Include
your best guess of each competitor’s target market segment, based on the
information provided on its Web site and the competitor’s product line.

o As part of your comparison, include a rating (your perception)
of the priority of each item to customers (1-5, with 1 being the highest), and
the importance for REI to address each item (1-5, with 1 being the highest)

2.2 Marketing

Visit the REI Web site and select a
product category, such as outdoor apparel. Review the category and determine
what you believe is the company’s marketing strategy for that category.

How does the strategy for REI compare to
the strategy of one of the competitors . What are some changes you would
recommend to REI to maximize their strategy in your chosen product category?

3.1 Case Analysis

Select a company and its primary
within one of the following industries:



oConsumer Goods.

Research available information on the
company and the competition using their Web sites and other resources,
including information on the current marketing mix (product, place, price, and

Complete and submit a case and
comparative analysis of the two companies. This analysis should include a
summary of the business, significant marketing issues, and recommendations
about how they can improve their marketing program.

A specific recommended approach to
analyzing this case is to:

the material and data available.

a SWOT Analysis (Strengths and Weaknesses being internal to the
enterprise in the case, and Opportunities and Threats being
external to the enterprise in the case).

the most significant problems or issues (including those potentially related to
weaknesses and threats).

potential solutions to the problems or issues, and offer any recommendations.

the marketing strategies of the two companies-which company is more effective
overall and why?

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