Managing Stress

Complete (each question should be at minimum 350 words or more with 3 in-text citations; one source being the uploaded textbook Manning, G., Curtis, K., McMillen, S., & Attenweiler, B. (2011). Stress: Living and working in a changing world and the other 2 being a scholarly source from the Bethel Library at unless stated otherwise). Remember – The reference list is excluded from the word count, and each essay question box requires 350 words of content.

Personal Stress

While some of your questions in the COMPLETE section are opinion based, many require research and facts to support your answers. In those questions, please utilize APA references and citations. Often opinion questions can be supported by research. APA references and citations should be used to support that as well.

1. Two important concepts in stress management; the value of self-awareness and the importance of being responsible for your own life are themes of the poem “Mirrors” on page 163. Discuss why self-awareness and self-responsibility are important skills in Stress Management. Write a brief summary of the “Mirrors”.

2. Complete the “Personal Values – What is Important to you”, on pages 173-177, of your reading. Upon completion of your reading and scoring, write a summary of your findings.

3. Define Integrity.

4. List and briefly summarize Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

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