managerial finance and accounting, economics homework help


You must choose four questions from ?Discussion Questions? for chapter 3 and four questions from ?Discussion Questions? for chapter 4. You will submit this assignment in the form of a link to your power point presentation recording with The recording must include the presentation and your face in the corner. Present as though you were presenting in an online forum. Professional look and clear pronunciation is needed in order to receive credit for this assignment. A sample link and recording will be provided in Blackboard.

You should include the following slides for your presentations:

  • Cover slide (Chapters covered and your name)
  • One slide per question ? with brief high level answer on slide (at least 8 slides)
    • In order to receive full credit the student will provide an answer to the question by speaking to the camera and explaining to the audience in greater detail, the answer and why that answer was chosen. It will not be acceptable to just read the answer provided on your slide ? you must elaborate.
  • Closing slide/Thank you

Presentation must be no longer than 5 minutes. Presentations longer than 5 minutes will be receive deductions.

After you?ve recorded your presentation, upload the presentation to your online account. Then, provide a copy of the link to your presentation in the discussion board thread for this assignment.

No responses to classmates are required for this post.



2)PLAGIARISM is the main role

3)citations and references should be in APA format.

4)below i dropped the pages for questions you need to do for ppt

5)just do the ppt remaining i will do my voice presentation

6)please answer correctly to the question.

7)image 2942 and 2943 are from chapter 3 and the last one is from chapter 4

8)please provide explanation for each and every slide

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