Management Theory Paper

This is the direction below you can pick whatever topic below you want to write about. It is in bold letters of the topic below. It should be 1 to 2 pages.

1st Draft of Management Theory Paper.

This assignment is worth up to 50 points.

Choose one of the theories above to write on. This is the 1st draft of your research paper, and should also relate to motivation and management. You are to provide me with a Title, a brief abstract (summary of your paper). An introduction (a background on the paper and topic). You may incorporate your life and include research from articles and journals and websites as well (cite your sources, CMS format).

Remember, this is just the 1st draft, rough draft in regard to your paper.
More information concerning this assignment is located under ?Additional Comments” and emails of your syllabus.

The 1st draft is due by Sunday, Oct. 28th by 11:59pm CT.

Additional Notes:
The goal of a research paper is to inform the reader. Your work should read as you are informing the reader about the theory you have chosen.

Remember you are to choose one of the theories covered during the video sessions ?Content Theory or Process Theory?.

Chose one theory from either the Content or Process Theory.

Content Theory:
*Maslow?s Hierarchy of Needs
*Alderfer?s ERG Theory
*Herzberg?s Two-Factor Theory
*McClelland?s Acquired Needs Theory
Process Theory:
*Lock?s Goal-Setting Theory
*Adam?s Equity Theory
*Vroom?s Expectancy Theory

The purpose of your research paper is to provide research to support the theory you choose.

You are to incorporate the chosen theory (from above) and include management and motivation. Remember the theories above are motivational and goal-setting theories.

Also remember that the purpose of your research paper is to inform the reader. The research paper serves not only to further the field in which it is written, but also to provide you with an opportunity to increase your knowledge in the management field.

And remember it may be helpful to include a purpose statement; which is a declarative sentence which summarizes the specific topic and goals of a paper. It is typically included in the ?introduction? to give the reader an understanding what the paper will cover.

Some common introductory phrases for purpose statements include:
? “The purpose of this paper/letter/document is to…”
? “In this paper, I will describe/explain/review/etc. the…”
? “My reason for writing is to…”
? “This paper will discuss the…”
? “The purpose of this paper is twofold: to ___ and ___”
Examples of effective purpose statements:
1. “This paper will describe four common causes of co-worker conflict in organizations and explain how to use a five-step procedure to constructively manage this conflict.”
2. “This report will explain how supervisors can use four planning strategies to improve employee productivity in the workplace.”

3. “This purpose of this report is to describe the main causes of traffic congestion in Seattle.”
This is the best time to write your paper with what is required.

Note: Your finished and overall 3rd draft paper should be 5-7 pages (including title page, abstract, paper body and references).

Cite your sources. If you are researching, make sure to keep up with your sources.

1. The body text of the paper should be double-spaced.
2. The font of the paper should be written in Times New Roman
3. The font size should be ?12 point? font
4. Include page numbers.

Major Paper Sections
1. Title page
2. Body
3. Footnotes or Endnotes
4. Bibliography
5. Tables and Figures


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