management skills – 1500 words

  • 1. Assertiveness, Negotiating and Influencing
  • Amanda Palfray has failed to make use of good assertiveness skills.Explain what the purpose and importance of assertiveness in this situation.Identify and analyse at least two assertiveness techniques that Amanda should have done.
  • In her new role Amanda has to negotiate with suppliers.Identify and analyse two negotiating techniques that Amanda could utilise in order to negotiate successfully.
  • Identify and analyse how two influencing techniques could be used in a business environment and show why these techniques might be effective.
  • 2. Conflict.
    • Identify at least two cause of conflict within the case study.
    • What are the effects of these conflicts?
    • Suggest and explain two ways in which Amanda could resolve these conflicts

3. Provide approaches to manage meetings and make suggestions that may help Amanda in her management and conduct of team meetings.

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