make Business Plan for (monoclonal antibodies for specific detection of dengue virus subtype 4 in human serum).

Read more about the disease and product then write the business plan……

Write paragraphs of the following with the total length to be 2 – 3 page

Short Mission Statement


*Product and Technology


Intellectual Property

*Business Model

*Exit Strategy

Revenue Projection [EBITA]

Provide a few references at the end to support the information.
For example, the publications of the technology, patents (DOI not http references)
and any market studies.

In business summary include income statement like
the one in files, make table Only the income part. You may not have
units sold unless you have your product organized this
way. The table in the file.

1-Research and analyze the product know the company, the product, the competition and the market intimately.?

2. Determine the purpose of the plan.

3. Create a company profile.

4. Document all aspects of the business.

5. Have a strategic marketing plan in place.

6. Make it adaptable based on your audience.

7. Explain why you care.

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