Make a comment about the tow articles

Read the tow articles and Make comments about each article

you should write comments for each article

write use simple words

The tow article is

1- I reviewed an article by Kacey Deamer, about how Dubai wants to be a pioneer in the commercial drone industry beginning this summer 2017. She stated that a fleet of quadcopters carrying passenger could be flying around Dubai by this summer. She stated that the drone is a single passenger egg shaped drone made in China. The drone can fly only one passenger under 220 lbs and a small suitcase. The transportation minister in Dubai stated that he intends to have these drones flying by July; they believe this method of transportation can be an answer to traffic on Dubai?s streets and highways. The drone will work only when a passenger is buckled in and selects a destination, after which the drone will automatically take off. They stated that a control room will monitor the drone via a mobile 4g network. The battery will last for 30 minutes of flight and the drone can fly a range of up to 30 miles at a speed of 60mph.

The author stated that Dubai has always had a vision for technology and this was only the latest step. In fact she stated that the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates stated that by 2030, at least 25% of Dubai?s commuters will be carried by driverless vehicles. They have been also researching about the Hyperloop, which is a transportation system that move levitating pods through low friction pipes to transport people at speeds up to 760mph. The Hyperloop was fist visualized by SpaceX and Elon Musk who founder Tesla. If this is successful, they would be able to use the Hyperloop to connect Dubai with Abu Dhabi.

2- Apple will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the introduction of its iconic iPhone with new models. The market about the next iPhone is beginning to materialize. It is sure that there will be three new iPhone models with premium device designed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. The two other models are expected to be the usual update of features included in the iPhone 7.

Apple will release two updates to the iPhone 7 and a new phone which may be called the iPhone 8 or it may be called the iPhone X, by the leading analyst for Apple products, KGI Securities. The use of the ?X? will mark 10th anniversary. Microsoft also bypassed Windows 9 and went directly to Windows 10.

But people are talking about how the new iPhone, will compare with the also new Samsung Galaxy S8, which will be Samsung latest offering. It is important because every new feature mentioned for the new Apple product will be available on Samsung handsets sooner.

The iPhone X is expected to be a new premium phone that comes with a lot of innovations for Apple. Wireless charging is a something that other phone makers have had for a while. It has been available on the Apple Watch since it was released.


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