Major content theories, Module 6: Discussion Forum help

In this course, you have read a number of articles by influential individuals in the field of organizational leadership. Although academic research is an important aspect of organizational leadership, its influence can only be assessed once ideas are put into practice and applied in a workplace.

This week, we focused on motivation. Select one of the theories you read about in this week?s interactive lecture, either a content or a process theory:

  • Major content theories: Maslow?s Hierarchy of Needs, Alderfer?s ERG Theory, Motivation-Hygiene Theory
  • Major process theories: Expectancy Theory, Equity Theory, Goal-Setting Theory

Provide the following:

  • A brief summary of the theory
  • An example of a workplace practice in which you see that theory being used

Please make sure your initial post and two required response posts are substantive. A substantive post answers the questions presented completely, asks an interesting, thoughtful question pertaining to the topic, or answers a question (in detail) posted by another student or the instructor.

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