Major Assignment 1 ? Individual and Group Work, 10 marks.


  • Answer these 5 questions below.Attach to the cover page.
  • TYPE (not hand written) 40 to 50 words maximum to answer EACH question.
  • Submit Tuesday, Sept 25 as hard copy in class (only hard copy is for your grade).

5 QUESTIONS TO ANSWER.Only answer the questions, no introduction or conclusion.

1.What is the exact problem (root cause) as you understand it for both sides of the case?A Side for McDonald?s.A Side for the lady.

2. What are the Critical Thinking possible arguments for each side of the problem/case?Write 2 of them maximum for each side.

3. What evidence do you have from the case for the arguments for each side?

4.What are the possible solutions to the problem? Write 2 solutions for the McDonald?s side.Write 2 solutions for the lady?s side.

5.What is the best solution for each side?Why?. . . give a reason or reasons to prove yours is the best solution from the possible ones.

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