M3 Assignment 3

Assignment 3: Course Project?Body Paragraphs-THESIS STATEMENT: An
ideal businessperson must be willing to take risks, have excellent
communication skills, be reliable, possess leadership skills and be
ready to take the initiative as these five qualities are the most
important in running a business.

For the course project, you will write a five-paragraph essay on your chosen topic, presenting an informed, cohesive opinion.

In previous modules, you created your thesis statement and developed
an introductory paragraph. In this assignment, you will work on the main
body paragraphs of your essay.

The body paragraphs make the connection between your thesis and the
conclusion. In your body paragraphs, you will explain the implications
of your opinion. This is the place to give the ?how? and ?why??why you
believe your subject or opinion to be true, how your ideas can be
implemented, and how you understand this topic well enough to write
about it.

Each body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence. This sentence
is a kind of mini-thesis statement that introduces the ideas of the
paragraph. For example, if my thesis statement is ?History textbooks for
young people do not include enough information about the recent past,? I
might start a paragraph about the Vietnam War by saying, ?Five history
textbooks devote only two pages to the Vietnam War, while others lack
crucial information.?

Create three supporting paragraphs for your essay. Be sure your supporting paragraphs have the following:

  • A central idea that follows your thesis
  • A topic sentence that explains what the paragraph will be about
  • An appropriate transition to the topic in the next paragraph
  • Supporting details/examples
  • Suitable grammar, spelling, and punctuation

Include your thesis statement at the top of the paper to reiterate
your main idea and make it easier for your instructor to check your body

(Optional) Improve Your Paragraphs With On-Demand Tutoring!

An impartial reader can help you determine if you are clearly
developing your paragraphs to support the central theme of your essay.
Before you turn in your body paragraphs, submit them to On-Demand
Tutoring for feedback. Review the feedback received and update your
paragraph before submitting it to your instructor as M3: Assignment 3. This is optional, but can help you improve your assignment grade and your writing skills.

You will need to submit your draft to On-Demand Tutoring at least two days before
your assignment is due. This will allow enough time for you to receive
feedback, make changes, and submit your new paragraph by the due date.

Follow these steps to contact the On-Demand Tutoring Writing Center:

  1. From the top-navigation Help menu, click Academic Resources.
  2. Click Tutorial Services.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to submit your paragraph. Be
    sure to mention anything you want the tutor to look at specifically.

Submit Your Paragraphs

Save your three 6- to 8-sentence paragraphs with thesis statement
before the body paragraphs in Microsoft Word format. Use the following
file naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M3_A3.doc.

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