Looking for help with SST1 Task 2 project Here are the task instructions. Basically I am not very…

Looking for help with SST1 Task 2 project

Here are the task instructions. Basically I am not very good at this and I am looking for help on completing this task. I never do very good at writing papers.

What does it mean to think in a social scientific way? In part, social science draws on methods of observation and experimentation utilized in the physical and natural sciences. But social scientists deal with human behavior and social institutions, which are not easily placed in the controlled environment associated with scientific investigation. Social scientists must be prepared to adapt their methods frequently, and they must ask questions that can evolve along with their investigations of social phenomena.

In this summative assessment, you will formulate a significant social scientific question about human psychological development, personality, social interaction, social identity, social classes, or the psychology of group behavior. Your formulation of this question should be based on your reading from Perry and Perry, Contemporary Society, or from another source. Examples of questions that you might examine include the following: How does the mass media influence perceptions of gender? How can family size influence the process of socialization?

You will begin this assessment by formulating your social scientific question and explaining why it is a significant one for analysis. Consider how life for individuals, groups, or society would be affected if the answer to your question were known. Remember that the question you ask must be something that can be examined methodically and systematically. It must be a question that does not have an immediately evident answer.

Based on your reading of Contemporary Society, you will then provide a detailed discussion of three specific research method problems that a social scientist would need to address in order to answer your larger formulated question. A research method problem is a problem (or subordinate question) that must be investigated in order to provide information necessary to answer the overarching question that you have formulated. For example, if you formulated the question “How does the mass media influence perceptions of gender?” one research problem (i.e., subordinate question) might be, “What methods (e.g., interviews, opinion polls, etc.) should be used to gather data on individual reactions to media representations of gender?”

In the second half of your assessment, you will consider the extent to which your formulated question can or should be answered by applying the scientific method. Does the scientific method provide a complete framework for investigating the three research problems that you have identified? For information on the scientific method and the social sciences, see pages 5–9 of Contemporary Society.

You will conclude with a well-reasoned response to the following question: To what extent does a social scientific perspective rely on methods drawn from the physical and natural sciences?


A.  Analyze a selected topic from a social scientific perspective by doing the following (suggested length of 5–7 pages):

1.  Explain the significance or value to society of your research question, which you have formulated, for social scientific analysis.

2.  Analyze three methodological questions that will help answer the social scientific question that you have formulated.

a.  Explain the social scientific analysis required for each of the three methodological questions from part A2, including the following components:

•  Identifying the strengths of the method as it applies to the research question

•  Identifying the weaknesses of the method as it applies to the research question

3.  Consider the extent to which your chosen topic question can be examined by the application of the scientific method by doing the following:

a.  Summarize the steps of the scientific method.

b.  Explain how the steps of the scientific method apply to your research question.

c.  Discuss challenges that the social sciences could encounter when applying the scientific method to your chosen topic.






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Mass media is a business field that is known to make billions of dollars in its daily activities like advertising. Designed to reach a large number of people, the effect of mass media can be quite tremendous given its wide coverage. In this summative assessment, I will focus on answering the social question “How can the negative mass media influence affecting the perceptions of the youth in termsof social life and morals be solved?” This question is a very significant question especially in the current society given that the behavior and general life perspectives of the youth are highly shaped by mass media (vivkas, 2012). The social and cultural implications of mass media are very strong to the youth and this calls for the society to be very careful with the content generated…


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