Literature Review Example

Please carefully read the paper named “Literature Review Example” on its entirety to see how the introduction portion of the paper was linked to the Literature review portion (highlighted in Yellow on paper). As you can see, all authors used in the introduction portion were used on the literature review portion to show the reviewed of the literature by these authors.

After you finish reading the paper, please open my paper named “Mine to be Completed with the Literature review” read my introduction and and write a 32-35 pages (cover and references pages not included)paper that lays down the review of the literature by the authors that are cited on my paper. You should use the same style that is used on the file named “Literature Review Example”.

For your convenience, I have attached the references page with the links for the authors used throughout my introductory paper. the file is named “References with the links”.

Please, if you do not understand my instructions, ask and I will be glad to reply.

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