Literary Analysis Essay: Need Done ASAP

First, identify the nonfiction form that is most important in the selection?for example, a sense of place. Next, explain why the author’s sense of place is important. One way to analyze the piece through the lens of sense of place is to imagine how the selection would be different without the form. Use the following information to help structure the essay.

Introduction: In the first paragraph, identify the essay’s title and author. The opening paragraph must provide a broad but accurate synopsis of the selected essay as well as a clearly defined thesis statement. The literary analysis essay thesis statement should identify the one or two nonfiction forms to discuss in the body paragraphs and how the form(s) affect(s) the piece.

When writing about literature, refer to actions and events in the present tense. For example, instead of writing The main character wanted to go to Bolivia, write The main character wants to go to Bolivia.

Body Paragraphs: If writing about one nonfiction form, each body paragraph should provide an in-depth analysis of closely related examples of that form. If choosing two nonfiction forms, present a balanced exploration of both forms (e.g., two paragraphs of approximately the same length for each form). As for supporting evidence, provide appropriate and sufficient direct quotations, paraphrases, and/or summaries, properly cited. Finally, when mentioning a secondary character or related plot point that is not mentioned in the opening paragraph synopsis, this character or plot point should be explained briefly.

Conclusion: The closing paragraph should restate the main ideas discussed in the essay, and remember a strong conclusion includes something that resonates with the reader.

Format Requirements

  • Write 500-600 words, five paragraph minimum
  • Follow standard MLA style format requirements

Please refer to the attachment for a basic outline and topic.

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