Literacy Narrative Essay Draft Discussion and To Do List, Self Review

Literacy Narrative Essay Draft Discussion & To Do List

What did you learn from composing your draft? What went well? What could have gone better? How did competing the self review form affect your process of working on the essay toward a final draft?

For this discussion, consider the questions above and/or discuss where you draft is in stage of completion, how the self review relates to where your work is with the essay, and compose a list of at least 3 to do items to complete before your submit your final draft. Feel free to compose a longer list of things to do if that’s helpful. Personally, I love lists, because then I get to cross off my completed work.

Literacy Narrative Essay self review form

For this assignment, you will complete the Essay 3 self review form pasted in below. It includes a list of the criteria for the Literacy Narrative Essay assignment. You will write/type in you essay’s components as a check on how well you are addressing those criteria. You may cut and paste the questions, then also include the answers. You may also create a document with the questions and answers and attach it. Please, whatever you choose to do, include the questions as well as the answers. You may not have them all completed yet, but many should be at least in the works or in place.

If you do not yet have the item in place, write what you plan on including. You must complete the entire form in some way to receive full credit.

ENG W131 Reading, Writing, & Inquiry

Dr. Coaplen

Literacy Narrative Essay Structure & Organizational Guide Sheet

Rough Draft Due: Sunday, November 25th

  • 500 words minimum for length credit

Final Draft Due: Monday, December 3rd

  • 750 words minimum for length credit

Please refer to this guide as you draft your essay. This form will also be used for your self-review. You must complete this self review form to be able to have the option to revise for a higher grade after turning in the final draft of essay 3 on December 3rd. I will grade your final draft only after this assignment has earned at 10/10. This policy is in place to require you to properly outline this essay before you compose and submit the final draft. I hope to encourage you to succeed by requiring you to do well on this self review form assignment.

Include and answer the criteria/questions in BOLD below. Scroll down to see all 4 questions in full.

  • Compose an Literacy Narrative essay with the following components: (the pages are approximate, but use this structure)
  • Page 1
    • 1st paragraph
      • Introduces the topic, who you are now, your views on reading OR writing, and states a main point with sub/suppoting points (at least 5 sentences)

1. What is this essay’s main point and sub/supporting topics?

  • 2nd paragraph
    • Shares a scene about the moment, person, event that your point is based on. Includes details such as:
      • Your age, grade in school (if appropriate), name of school, place you lived (city, state), time of year and/or day of the week (the details of the setting). Describes the place it happened. Shares any proper names, nicknames, and their relationship or connection to you: a teacher, friend, family member, mentor, etc. Remember that I will not know these details, so include them. But only include details that are relevant to the story. The color of someone’s t shirt or the music that was playing is only helpful if it contributes to the story.

2. What is this essay’s scene/moment that will set the stage for further exploration of the main point and subtopics?

  • Pages 2 – 4 (minimum)
    • Body paragraphs (6 sentences minimum)
      • Each contains a clear, specific topic sentence that supports the main point
      • Each contains evidence (details and specifics) that supports the paragraph’s topic and the essay’s main point

3. Write each body paragraph?s topic sentence and support/details here:

  • Body paragraph 1:

Support/Details 1:

Support/Details 2:

  • Body paragraph 2:

Support/Details 1:

Support/Details 2:

  • Body paragraph 3:

Support/Details 1:

Support/ Details 2:

  • Last page/conclusion
    • 1st paragraph: (5 sentences, minimum)
      • Summarizes the evidence and details that your story shared
      • Refers directly back to the essay’s main point
    • 2nd paragraph: (5 sentences minimum)
      • Explains how this moment shaped your attitudes about reading OR writing. Be very clear and explain fully. The conclusion also answers the question “So What?” (As in: So what does the reader learn about you, or take away, or gain from reading this essay? What’s the message?)

4. What are you considering as the essay’s final message? What is the answer to “So What?”

  • NOTE: You should follow the formula outlined here for success. I am more interested in your content, so I have laid out the essay’s structure for you to use. You are also welcome to use the first person/”I” throughout the essay.

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