Listening Journal entries, What’s the title of the song

Find 8 Jazz songs it could be from radio stations or youtube or pandora

Write 8 journal entries ? one for each song that you listen to ? addressing all of the following bullet points for each song (8 songs, 8 paragraphs):

? What’s the title of the song?

? What?s the name of the band leader and/or band? This information is clearly provided on internet and satellite radio. If you?re listening to a traditional radio broadcast, DJs announce this info every now and then.

? What?s the instrumentation? Larger ensembles such as swing big bands can be identified as such, but for smaller ensembles (up to 5 performers) I’d like you to identify all of the individual instruments if possible.

? Describe the general character of the music: what?s the atmosphere, vibe or emotional content of the piece? How would you describe the tempo (slow, medium, fast)? Does the music sound consonant (harmonious) or dissonant (discordant and clashing) – or something in between?

? How does the music unfold from beginning to end? This is the most important aspect of this assignment, and should comprise at least half of each of your 8 journal entries. This can include descriptions of shifts in mood and character, interesting exchanges/dialogues between instruments/musicians, descriptions of solos, and other notable moments.

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