Length: About 5-6 pages. Documentation: MLA or APA format along with a Works Cited page. Sources: at

Length: About 5-6 pages.

Documentation: MLA or APA format along with a Works Cited page.

Sources: at least six different sources of three different types (i.e., books, periodicals, government document, and Internet). Sources must be refutable, and authorities should be appropriate and credible.  Refer to chapter 24.

The Assignment: …….

Write a synthesizing essay in which ideas and information from several sources are combined and integrated into a unified whole controlled throughout the essay by your own idea or thesis. You will be responsible, therefore, for researching and reading widely on a topic, establishing relationship between the views expressed by these various sources, and blending source materials and your own thoughts into a meaningful and effective whole. It may be helpful to think of this essay as a problem-solving or a question-answering assignment. Your essay must include a clear definition of the problem or question, evidence that either the problem/question exists, a proposed solution to the problem or a proposed answer to the questions (your thesis), evidence and arguments that the proposed solution/answer would work, and a logical response to the opposition’s point of view if necessary.


You may choose almost any topic in your major area that you want to know more about. However, you should choose a topic carefully because the chosen topic should be fit enough to be covered in a relatively short paper. Thus, topics that are too small or broad, often written about, or worn out must be avoided. Think of topics that stimulate your interest and curiosity. So be original and creative.

A sample research paper: page 786. …….


You must avoid plagiarism. The bottom line is not to copy other people’s three consecutive words. When you use their ideas or words, you must give them credit in a proper way.All well-written research essays include these following features:

A clear thesis statement or overall purpose.

A well-organized structure (Introduction, bodies, conclusion, and a topic sentence and supporting details in each body paragraph).

Well-integrated or synthesized sources.

Appropriately integrated quotes, paraphrase, and summaries.

Appropriate documentation.

Polished writing.

Set up an overall schedule. You need to draft, revise, edit, and proof-read your paper so that it shows your best writing. …….

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