legislator assignment (United states), political science homework help

Each student is required to contact their state representative or state senator to set up a phone conference, in-person meeting, or other form of communication. This involves your persistence with legislative staff, setting up a time to talk with your representative, and doing research on an issue of interest to you. The goal is to have direct interaction with your representative in order to lobby them on a specific issue that is of interest and/or importance to you. A reflective essay about your experience is required.

Essay requirements (3-4 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font):

1) Describe the issue you chose to discuss with your elected representative and why you chose it?

2) Who is the representative(s) you contacted and what state/district do they rep?

3) Describe the process of contacting your legislator and the relative ease/difficulty of your experience.

4) How did this process change/reinforce your outlook on democratic politics and politicians?

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