Learning (Classical and Operant Conditioning)I. Classical ConditioningFor the scenario presented…

Learning (Classical and Operant Conditioning)I. Classical ConditioningFor the scenario presented below, identify the five major elements of classical conditioning: NS,UCS, UCR, CS, CR. Each answer is only ONE OR TWO words, just like the examples wediscuss(ed) in class. If you write a sentence, it will be incorrect because it will include manyelements that are NOT part of the answer. Do NOT insert the terms into the text, because itwill not be clear to which item you are referring.1. When Mary was a little girl she grabbed a hot pan from the stove. Boiling liquid fell onher causing painful burns. As an adult she hates cooking, and feels anxious whenever shesees a cooking pan.NS =CS =UCS =UCR =CR =2. Your friend was driving down the road listening to a Taylor Swift song when he hit apatch of ice and lost control of his vehicle. The car spun out of control several times beforecoming to a stop. Your friend was terrified but not injured. Now, whenever he hears anyTaylor Swift song he gets an uneasy anxious feeling, even though she had previously beenone of his favorite artists.NS =CS =UCS =UCR =CR =II. Operant ConditioningIdentify which aspect of operant conditioning is being described below: positive reinforcement(+rf), positive punishment (+pun), negative reinforcement (-rf), or negative punishment (-pun).1. A police officer fines you $100 for speeding. This causes you to reduce your speeding inthe future.2. Your grandmother gave you a cookie for sitting quietly. Now, whenever you are aroundyour grandmother you sit quietly in hopes of getting another cookie.3. Parents take away a childs video game because he got into a fight with his sister.Subsequently, the fighting diminished.4. The coach yells at you for making a mistake. In the future you try not to make thatmistake!5. Your parents tell you that if you get straight As on your report card you wont have to dochores for a month! You work hard to get those As.6. To discourage you from staying out past curfew again, your parents take away your carkeys. As a result, you stop staying out late.7. You give your do a treat for rolling over. Now, every time you look at him he rolls over.8. Freds parents take away his favorite toy because he misbehaved at the dinner table. Inthe future, Fred does not misbehave at the dinner table because he knows thatmisbehavior will result in him forfeiting his toy.9. If you maintain an A average in your statistics class, you dont have to take the finalexam.10. Your friend tries a new medication for migraine headaches. To her surprise themedication works and her headache symptoms go away. Now whenever she feels amigraine coming on, she takes the medication.

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