Leadership Development and Internal Promotion Programs

Part 1

As a human resources professional, you have been assigned the task of developing and implementing an organizational career advancement program with three tracks:

1 The first track includes a promotion within field track (WFT) that is associated with traditional supervisory and managerial roles. These promotions will come with a new title, additional compensation, at least two direct report employees, and program functions such as funds, logistics, real property, and transportation assets.

2 The next track is a technical WFT, and this advancement is associated with a new title, additional compensation, and program functions as described above.

3 The last track is identical to the first but is a promotion outside of the employee track with all the attributes of the WFT.

How you might go about developing and implementing a program of this type?

Part 2

Your organization’s workforce development advisory panel is made up of senior executives from four groups (space, engineering, marketing, and technology). The panel has directed you to design and implement a succession plan for all senior management roles.

Senior management roles supervise middle management divisions within each of the four areas.

? The space group has three: sensors, platform and engines.

? Engineering has mechanical, civil, and electronic.

? Marketing has operations and research.

? Technology only has cloud and network.

No retirements or departures are currently expected, but there is concern that the space group could have departures based on current intensive market competition that has major compensation packages being offered to prospective employees. In your responses, please consider the following for your succession plan design:

? All succession should be internal.

? Should succession be internally competitive, by panel direction, or by CEO discretion?

? What other considerations should be used in the succession planning?

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