leadership competency developement

As a capstone student in Engineering Management, understanding the elements of leadership competency development are essential for pursuing your future aspirations and, more importantly, leading others to their aspirations. Read the article provided (George, 2012). Identify the key message(s) in the article and express your thoughts about the author’s assessment of the global environment. How is the assessment helpful to you? Do you find your experience in the global environment aligns with the author’s assessment? Do you have a different perspective you would like to share?

Note: Make sure your response statements are supported with evidence and examples

find the attachement


500 words

Note: Make sure your response statements are supported with evidence and examples

Responds to the given prompt. Introduces new ideas and is well developed. Integrates all reading assignments with citations and/or short quotes. Shows strong understanding and application of material. Ties experience to concepts.

Ends with the student?s own question with thoughtfulness. Provides references of material not provided in the syllabus.

Note: All writing will be highly criitqued. Please utilize the writing lab frequently if needed. If you have any questions please contact me

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