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to whom may concernI attached the question sheet and also the course booklet for you. please answer the problem question which is the first one. to answer the question you should be so critical and discuss it critically . please remember there is no right answer for this question you should just explore your point logically and as long as your answer is logic and reasonable that is enough. for the word length 4000 words is enough. referencing should be foot note as well as bibliography. please remember that university has smartplagiarismsoftware which is sosensitive so please paraphrase everything and even when you are paraphrasing please put the reference in foot note. you can use direct quote but please remember don't use them too much. I attached the course booklet because you can find good references on each seminar which you can use for example books, articles and conventions. please remember this assignment is for the UK university and you should consider EU law as well as international law. I want this assignment for January 5th please and I would appreciate your regards

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