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I need Expert who can fix my Scholorship latter, need you re write it with a very good sense. ThanksDear Sir I’m Nora Nasse one of the Dean’s List students in last fall and spring. I write this letter to ask if I can get scholarship for my last semester at BCC Fall 2012 then I will get my AA hopefully. My GPA is 3.50, I’m a mother of two kids 4 and 6 years old boy and girl. I’m international student so I could not get financial Aid , I pay $1117 for one class I’m taking six classes next semester which is so expansive for me, but I can pay it with a loan from my country. I just wonder if Brevard Community College can give me Scholarship for my last semester. If you can not help me than try to find a job in campus part time. I know it’s going to be so hard to take all these classes and working inside and outside my house, but that’s my dream I have to fight all the obstacles come in my way to get my Bachelor degree in accounting at UCF after BCC. If you can help me or not thank you so much for the letter comes from your office inform me that’s I’m one of the students on the Dean’s List.Thanks a lot

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