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****This is putting it all together, i have attached all the previous assignments discussed below needed to complete this assignment.

For this assignment, you are expected to draw from your previous work in this course. Use the literature you selected for the Annotated Bibliography assignments during Weeks 3 and 4. Make any corrections or revisions necessary to your ?Methods?, ?Connecting the Streams?, and ?Results and Discussion? assignments.


  • Generate a literature review that fully examines the scope of each of the selected variables.
  • Be sure to include the corrected and revised versions of your ?Methods?, ?Connecting the Streams?, and ?Results and Discussion? assignments.

********* The references come from all the previous assignments attached below, if additional are needed – please do so

You must use a minimum of 35 References from peer-reviewed or scholarly publications. Your paper will follow the format below (YOU MUST USE SUBSECTION HEADINGS):

  1. Title Page
  2. Introduction of scenario and your own specific research question/ hypotheses based upon the variables you selected for study.
  3. Literature Review (Includes ?connecting the streams? at the end of the literature review section) streams given below
  4. Methods given below
  5. Results and Discussion given below
  6. References given below

Dependent Variable ? Emotional intelligence

Independent Variables – Independence & Problem Solving


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