LABOR Studies and employment relations Forum

This forum concerns public policies that might be adopted to improve the situation of working Americans, or particular groups of them (like disabled workers or younger workers, etc.). The authors of your text in Chapter 8, make some suggestions for what new laws or initiatives are needed. Over the course of the semester, you have encountered many others. Before Thurs. you should present the case for at least two public policy initiatives that you think have high potential, whether or not they are politically possible right now. Each proposal should be a separate post and the post should explain why that would be helpful to working Americans. Or if you think new laws are not needed, but government needs to act in other ways, you might write about that.

After Thursday you should respond to some of the suggestions made by your classmates. Besides agreeing or disagreeing you should evaluate whether or not a particular proposal would improve the situation

This forum should be 350 words.

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