Labor relations in Canada

The assignment must be between 10-12 pages in length double-spaced, including references. Please use 1-
inch margins, with 12-point Times New Roman Font. All material must be referenced accordingly using APA

1. Identify a contemporary labour dispute in a unionized or
non-unionized workplace in Canada. How would two varying perspectives on Labour-Capital Relations
(Neoliberal, Managerialist, Orthodox-Pluralist, Liberal-Reformist, and Radical Perspective) understand and
interpret this conflict? Which views do you find most convincing and why?

2. Compare and contrast the three major waves of trade unionism in Canada. In your view, what key moments
are emblematic of these shifts? What explains the differences between private and public sector union
coverage, and is this is any way related to neoliberal globalization? Explain if this has been a positive or
negative development in your view.

3. With consideration as to the role of the state in capitalist societies, what do you think is the appropriate
approach for the government vis-à-vis labour-relations? How do power relations differ when negotiating
individually versus collectively?

4. Are public services a democratizing force in society or are they better left to the market? Explain your
position with supporting evidence.

5. Compare and contrast business unionism and social movement unionism. How might they utilize different
political strategies? And are there broader social and economic benefits to a highly unionized workforce?
Explain your answers with supporting evidence.

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