Kyla is eight years old. She is often late for school, she is sleepy in class and often doesn’t… 1 answer below »

Scenario 1:
Kyla is eight years old. She is often late for school, she is sleepy in class and often doesn’t seem to
comprehend what is being said. She never finishes any class activities. Other students think she is
weird, and say she has irregular features.
School of Education EST 200 Assignment 2
Scenario 2:
Brynne was a bright, helpful student and received an excellent report in Year 7. In Year 8 she became
rude and rebellious in class, but still received top marks.
Scenario 3:
Sando is from a non-English speaking background. Some teachers complain that he won’t speak in
class or look at them, and he puts very little effort into tests and assignments. Other students like him,
and he can be a clown in the school yard. He produced accurate scale drawings before making a model
boat in woodwork.
Scenario 4:
The lesson before or after lunch in Middle School.
Scenario 5:
JoJo is enrolled in kinder each day but doesn’t always attend and there is always a tantrum when Mum
leaves. She sometimes stays longer and other times she is quick to leave. JoJo has angry outbursts
most days and seems happiest in the Director’s office.
Scenario 6:
During the double lesson on Friday afternoon it is nothing but hair, makeup and gossip from the girls,
and the boys seem to want to wreck everything, including each other – and I have to get through the

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