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this is the answer form the manual solution so I need you to rewrite the answers by your own words (way )

. Some of the possible strategic factors to consider are:

Re: The pumps:

  • Will the sale of pumps introduce Martens to new markets and new
    customers that might benefit other product lines?
  • Can Martens compete in the marine pump market? How competitive is
    this market, and what are the CSFs that are likely to lead to success for
  • How reliable are the estimates used to develop the predictions for
    revenues and costs for the pumps? How reliable is the market research
    that predicted growth in pump sales?
  • Will the sale of pumps affect Martens? image in either a positive or
    negative fashion? For example, will Martens? current customers view
    Martens as a high quality/innovative manufacturer of pumps?
  • How long is the expected growth in pump sales expected to continue ?
  1. Re: The purchase of attic fans from Harris Products:
  • What are the alternative uses of Martens? production capacity, in
    addition to pumps and attic fans that might produce higher contribution?
  • How reliable is Martens? information that Harris is a reliable producer of
    quality products?
  • How will Martens? customers react, if at all, to know that the attic fans
    are not manufactured by Martens?

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