Just answer this question for my discussion post. No format just answer the questions.

Discussion Question #1: Language Ambiguity

Describe a time in your life when language ambiguity led to a communication misunderstanding in one of your interpersonal relationships. Be specific with your examples and go into depth with the example.

Discussion Question #2: Content and Relationship Levels of Meaning

Using specific examples, explain the four different ways to structure language. Go into specific detail for each.

Discussion Question #3: Self Disclosure

  • Provide an example of when you chose to self-disclose information to someone new in your life
  • How did you decide it was the right time? How did the other person respond?
  • Answer the questions in detail with specific examples.

Discussion Question #4: Family System

  • Describe the Family system in detail.
  • Provide examples of the different rules, stories, rituals, and secrets your family has (no need to give away the secret, though).

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