Journal Entry Questions

Chapter 4 Review

  1. Identify the different types of audience.
  2. Explain how to adapt your argument to your target audience.
  3. Identify the five components of the classical argument.
  4. Explain how to distinguish denotative and connotative meanings of words.
  5. Describe the need for language to be concrete.
  6. Identify the major figures of speech.
  7. Describe the importance of avoiding clichés and unnecessary eurphemisms.
  8. Know when to define technical terms.

Chapter 4 Reader Questions: ?The Fast-Food Factories: McJobs are Bad for Kids?

  1. Locate the claim or thesis statement and summarize the main ideas.
  2. What kind of audience is the writer addressing? Neutral? Friendly? Hostile? What evidence can you find to support this?
  3. Does the writer attempt to present a balanced picture to the audience? Provide examples.
  4. Does the writer convey a positive attitude toward the audience? Does the writer antagonize the audience? If so, how?
  5. Has the writer committed any of the logical fallacies discussed in the textbook? If so, provide examples and how would you correct them?
  6. How well does the writer establish common ground with the audience?
  7. What is the purpose of the essay? How effectively does the writer accomplish this purpose?
  8. Rewrite the following paragraph to eliminate the cliches and trite expressions.

It is not that we don’t care about what goes on up in space; it’s that the vast majority of red-blooded Americans are hard put to see what these untold billions of dollars can do. While great strides have been made in space research, we ask ourselves: Is life any safer? Are material goods all the more abundant? Are we living to a ripe old age because of these vast expenditures? Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the answer is a resounding no. Those in Congress with a vested interest need to be brought back to reality, for the nation’s pressing problems of crime, homelessness, and unemployment, are right here on Mother Earth. Nothing is sacred including the budget for NASA, which should follow the footsteps of other programs and be slashed across the board. Yes, that will be a rude awakening to some who will have to bite the bullet, but there are just so many tax dollars to go around. And in the total scheme of things, wasting it on exploring the depths of outer space is not the way it should be.

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